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About Us

The term "Paralian" comes from ancient Greek origins, meaning "dweller by the sea."


This company and its platform were created by one Paralian who was plagued by a single question: Why hasn't the boat ownership experience caught up to modern times? We live in a world of on-demand efficiency and digitized knowledge at our fingertips, but so much of it is missing in the world of recreational boating. It is time to tackle the inefficiencies that take away from one of the greatest pleasures in life - recreational boating.


Paralian was built to fulfill the needs of the recreational boating community as a whole. We recognize that it takes a village to make boating memories. We also know that the quality of these memories depends on the welfare of the village. This is why we work tirelessly to make the Paralian experience simple, secure, and frictionless for all involved.


Take a look below to learn more about us, our mission, our vision, and our values.


To broadly lift the standards of service and level of satisfaction across the recreational boating community.


To become the world's leading digital platform of recreational boating solutions. 


Knowledge is power. We place that power in the hands of our community members.


We strive for consistency and simplicity in all our solutions.  


We believe honesty, respect and excellent work ethic should reap just rewards.



We minimize waste to deliver maximum bang for the buck. 


Where trust is low,

prices are high.


Our values reflect our unwavering commitment to building trust between those providing services and those receiving them.

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